June 13, 2020

TeslaBridge III - keeping up to date

Early last year, I detailed the construction of a special guest wifi access point for my car. Then how I had to fix it to make it work. Until recently, this was working just fine: my car connected, software updates were downloading, everything was happy. I stopped thinking about what I’d built and started relying on the service it provided. I don’t know exactly when things stopped, since we’ve all been spending less time in the car, but a few weeks ago there was a software update available but I should “connect to wifi to download it”. ... Read more

May 24, 2019

TeslaBridge II - live in the wild

A couple of months ago, I detailed the construction of a special guest wifi for my car, and ended the post having successfully got the car to connect to the bridge and appear, and first blush, to work. Over the last month I’ve watched and noted the car not staying connected over night, and not reconnecting when I get home from work. Early in the process I checked the logs and could see things being a bit wafty, but this time it was time to get serious and figure out what was going on. ... Read more

March 31, 2019

Design diary: special guest wifi

In late 2017 I bought the best toy I have ever had the pleasure of playing with: a Tesla Model S. I’m not a car-person, so I didn’t have to overcome the loss of a combustion engine, and I mostly do a 30 mile round-trip commute, so range anxiety was something that wasn’t a huge deal for me. This post isn’t about my experiences of the car, this is about getting the car on the wifi. ... Read more

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